“Let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for You judge the peoples justly and lead the nations of the earth. Selah” (Psalm 67:4)

In our history, we see the hand of God moving very clearly and powerfully. Accounts of the formative years of our nations show time and again how God inspired people to pursue freedom. When freedom was realized after the Revolution, He gave our leaders incredible wisdom to structure the three branches of government as checks and balances. Today, we still enjoy the benefits of God’s guidance in those crucial days of deliberation.

A day will come, when well see how God orchestrated all the events of human history to accomplish His sovereign design for mankind. We’ll see that God used events and leaders that appeared out of control to accomplish His grand purposes. On that day, God will show us how He governed the nations, directing events and leading people, but He’ll also judge those who fought against Him.

In our nation’s history and in our own lives, God reigns supreme, guiding, directing, and shaping events to accomplish good things. Sometimes He seems to be a million miles away, He’s present, active, and engaged. We can count on Him.