May those who favor my vindication shout for joy and gladness; may they always say, “Exalted be the LORD who delights in His servant’s well-being.” ( Psalm 35:27)

Many self-absorbed people focus their energies on doing the newest activity that promises the most pleasure and on getting the latest technology that’s supposed to make life easier. But those things don’t satisfy for very long. God made us so that our hearts long for a transcendent purpose. We want to live for something much bigger than ourselves.

Causes come in every stripe and color. Some people get energized by a political candidate who promises to change a city or nation. Others devote themselves to preserving the planet or helping the homeless. In war, soldiers fight and die for the freedom of those back home.

Many causes are noble, but most of them have only temporary results. Taking the message of Christ’s love not only to the ends of the earth but to eternal work. Beyond even those noble intentions and actions, however, the cause for every believer is to know Christ and to honor Him in everything we do. While the cause of Christ involves reaching the lost and changing lives, ultimately the goal is to please the One who gave His life for us. That’s the cause that makes us shout for joy.