For he is keeping track, inwardly counting the cost. “Eat and drink,” he says to you, but his heart is not with you. (Proverbs 23:7 )

Many of us never step back and analyze what’s running through our minds, we just go with the flow. But when we stop to take notice, we find that our thoughts are dominated by our daydreams of success and worries of failure. Our thoughts give us a picture of what we hold that serves as the ground, seed, and fertilizer that grows into our attitude and actions.

A good analysis of our thoughts includes looking at both what we think about and how we think. We may be preoccupied with concerns about our children, conflict with our spouses, the expectations of our boss, and others. Or we daydream about escaping our problems.

We all know that we can’t control our thoughts but our mind is the most powerful tool we have for the creation of good in our lives, but if not used correctly, can also be the most destructive force in our life. To control our thoughts means to influence the way we live our life. Our mind, more specifically, our thoughts, affects our perception and our interpretation of reality. When we change our thoughts, we will change our feelings as well, and we will also eliminate the triggers that set off those feelings. Both of these outcomes provide you with a greater level of peace in your mind.

When we’re worried, we can refocus our thoughts on the goodness and greatness of God so that we find the faith to trust Him for wisdom. When we’re bored and want to escape we can choose to rivet our minds on the hope of God’s purpose for us. And when we are thankful we can let our thoughts roll on in gratitude and love for God.