For she was saying within herself, “If only I shall touch His garment, I will be healed.”(Matthew 9:21)

Maybe she had heard all the stories of the itinerant Preacher who had the power to heal people and for the first time in a while, her hope was rekindled. She had been sick for twelve long years, and she had spent all her money on doctors. Nothing had helped. She still felt miserable and worse, sickness was considered a sign of moral failure in her culture, so she was also an outcast.

We can imagine the conflicting emotions of hope and shame that must have fought in her soul that day as she made her way through the crowd. And it’s her last hope. She saw the crowd, someone said Jesus was there. She stepped forward to get as close as she could. There He was. But it looked as if He was leaving. Suddenly, she fell to the ground and reached out between dusty legs and feet to touch the hem of His cloak.

It was an imperfect, impulsive act to connect with Jesus, but it was enough. Suddenly, the power of God surged into her body and healed her, but something even more amazing also happened: Jesus stopped, turned, and singled her out. She had tried to remain incognito. Now she was the center of attention. Only one pair of eyes, though, matters to her. She had reached out to connect with Jesus and He reached back to establish a real relationship with her.

There is one thing that GOD says to every BELIEVER regardless of their CIRCUMSTANCES