“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” ( Matthew 6:33)

Some misunderstand Jesus’ message in the verse above. Jesus is telling us to pursue Him primarily. We still have to eat, sleep, raise our kids, pay our bills and keep our cars running, but these things will flow far more easily if we make our relationship with Jesus our first priority.

Many of us try to manage our lives as if we’re trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together. All the pieces are there, but we are bewildered about where they go. We make attempt after attempt to make things work, but no matter how hard we try, all the pieces just don’t fit together. Were frustrated and exhausted.

Jesus says to us “Hold on a minute. I know you’re trying hard, but your way is not working. There’s a better way. Put Me in the center of your life and then you’ll see how the pieces fit together.” If we take His advice, He promises to lead us, bless us, and give us more meaning than ever before. God showed us that He could and would replace everything that was missing in our life but that nothing could replace Him in our life.