“For it is just like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted them with his possessions.” (Matthew 25:14)

This story is about the three servants who were given various amounts of gold. Two guys doubled their stash but the other one buried him under the ground. If we want to prosper, we need to learn three very important lessons in this history.

Rise Our Gold

Risk-taking is a big part of everyday life and is a necessity for making big decisions throughout our lifetime. Those that don’t take risks will not gain bigger opportunities in life, like the third servant in the story. Don’t bury our gift. If we don’t use it will lose it. Many people don’t know their gift, because discovering our gift requires experimentation. Trying it out. Going out on a limb. Risking.

Risk-takers are more likely to be successful because they do not limit themselves and are willing to put in their energy when every other person is hesitant. Taking a risk can lead us to a better life.

Reproduce Our Gold

We need to use our gift and reproduce it. Don’t be content with just maintaining the special gift that God has given us. Develop, expand, multiply and make it grow. Be the best that we can become. And doing that we also inspire others to grow as well. Be a model that others can follow.

Return Our Gold

Like the first servant and second servant in the story, they gave back both the principal and the interest to their master. The message of the story is that we don’t own our wealth or the ability to create wealth. We don’t own our special gifts, talents, and skills. All are borrowed from God. Were merely a caretaker. We remain humble before Him. Always ask God (the owner) how He wants us to use His wealth.