“So if you have not been faithful with worldly wealth, who will entrust you with true riches?” ( Luke 16:11)

How you handle your wealth reveals who you really are. There are 3 core ingredients to increase your wealth.


If you want to earn real wealth, there’s really only one way. It’s the old-fashioned way; develop real competence. Real competence that’s so remarkable, the world will stand in awe. Be the best You.

Many people want easy money. Like winning the lotto. Or a huge inheritance from a rich family. Or a nice job influences friends in high places. Yes, you’re lucky with this kind of money, but because money, the symbol of value, has nothing to symbolize. There’s no value behind the symbol. Many rich kids lose the wealth of their parents, the reason is these rich parents passed on their wealth but not the competence to earn that wealth. Many people creating their wealth through connection, but when their backers lose their power, they lose their wealth too. If your company does not recognize your best, still give your best because another company will recognize you and value you.


To become wealthy, you don’t need just competence. You need a consciousness of wealth a truly rich mindset.

There are many brilliant people who are poor. Gifted people who are poor. Talented people who are poor. Many people are afflicted by a scarcity mindset. To become truly wealthy, you need to take on an abundance mindset. To enlarge your psychological wallet. A very important part of consciousness is financial literacy or understanding how money works.


Character is the most important value of all. It’s about integrity, honesty, faithfulness, and love.

Money is a magnifying glass. Money doesn’t bring anything to the table. It simply magnifies what already there. If you’re a good person, wealth will give you more opportunities to be good. But if you’re a bad person wealth will give you more opportunities to be bad.