“He gives power to the faint and increases the strength of the weak.”(Isaiah 40:29)

To grow strong, we have to admit our weaknesses. The paradox may seem odd, but it permeates the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. He was Almighty God, who became a helpless infant. He was the ruler of the universe who allowed sinful people to kill HIm. He told His followers that to become great they needed to become servants of all. (Matthew 20:26)

Most people spend their lives trying to avoid weakness in every area of life, and when they feel most vulnerable, they try to act powerfully to fool people. For those who follow Jesus, the unwillingness to admit weakness is a serious flaw that short-circuits God’s transforming power. Honesty about our weakness may threaten us, but it opens the door to Gods liberating truth, stunning freedom, and real change.

We can learn the habit of being honest with God about our weaknesses, but most of us are honest only in crisis. At a point where we have tried everything else and failed, were finally ready to admit we need God’s help. We admit we are weak, and we trust in God’s guidance and strength. When the crisis is over many of us go back to trusting in ourselves. Real growth comes when we can admit, every day”Lord I need your wisdom and strength in these situations today. Please help me.” And He will.

God did not promise us a trouble-free, griefless life. He did promise us that all our sins and griefs he would bear if we would take them to the Lord in prayer.