Prayer Of Forgiveness

Lord Jesus, how difficult it for me
to treat with forgiving love
those who have offended me!
Vengefulness rages in my heart,
and in my thirst for getting even,
I dare call “justice”
what is only bitter revenge.

But you tell me:
“Relent! Forgive!
Correct your erring brother or sister
with patient love.
Remember the times when you hurt other people,
and your deep yearning to be forgiven.
Remember my command that you treat others
the way you would like to be treated.”

Lord, I know you are right.
But you know how hard it is for me
to do as you say.
Help me do just that.
Help me consider not the hurts I suffered,
but the hurt they will suffer in the prison of hell
if they do not stop hurting their neighbor.
Help me be not an instrument of your punishment,
but a channel of your mercy,
a prophet who leads offenders to conversion.

Let my forgiveness of my offenders
be sincere and clad with gentleness –
so sincere that I may wish
and work for their repentance,
so that they and I may be together in heaven
like the best of friends.

Our Father…
Glory be to the Father…